Early that morning, your dad paid a return visit.

An expert in FLEETING APPEARANCES, he offered you a WARM FATHERLY SMILE on his way in. You would have smiled back, but you were too appalled to see that he had chosen to completely ignore your advice to ditch what are, without a doubt, the SHITTIEST DUDS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

You’d expect a little more PIZAZZ from GOD TIER COUTURE, to be honest. You’re no stranger to the MYRIAD EXCRUCIATING FAUX PAS OF THE MASSES, but that SUPPOSEDLY DIVINE NEGLIGEE’s inability to accommodate your dads AWKWARD MAN-BOD was downright sacrilegious. You struggled to hide your disapproval.

Hopefully you’ll get a chance to touch up his outfit, sooner than later.

Speaking of outfits...

> (Harry: Head to your room.)