(Harry: Try to contact Vrissy again.)

TG: tavvy's being useless as ever.

TG: just let me know if you're all good.

TG: it's getting pretty bad out here.

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] is now an idle chum! ––

TG: uh...

TG: if you're alive, let me know?

TG: hopefully vriska didn't manage to get you smoked.

TG: or something.

TG: haha, sorry i keep overthinking.

TG: lol.

TG: you're probably fine.

TG: i think.

TG: yeah, what am i saying, you totally got this!

TG: when have you fumbled anything. you're fucking awesome

TG: vriska's got nothin on you. right?

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] is now an idle chum! --

TG: vrissy?

TG: shit, ok.

TG: in case anything happens

TG: uh

TG: i'm happy we got to be together despite having to go to different schools.

TG: and i got to hang out with you and stuff.

TG: you've just been like

TG: the best matesprit i've ever had. haha.

TG: you're like

TG: the coolest chick

TG: and i love hanging out with you?

TG: fuck i already said that.

TG: what i'm trying to say is that you're just really awesome and fun to be around and it would suck if...

TG: wow no.

TG: god what the hell am i doing.

TG: that was the dumbest thing i've ever sent.

TG: ignore that.

TG: i'll stop messaging now.

AG: Dude.

AG: Holy Shit??

AG: I'm here.

TG: oh, hey.

AG: Your messages were sent All at Once and you nearly Crashed my phone.

AG: Chill Out!!!

TG: well, sorry for checking on you??

TG: i've been waiting to hear back since yesterday!!

AG: What, you can't Survive a Singular Goddamn Second alone without Me?

AG: Relax, I wasn't even Gone that long.

AG: More Importantly though,

AG: Guess who just 8roke out of Prison?

AG: ME, 8ITCH!!!!!!!!

AG: I fucking Did that!!

TG: what.

TG: prison.

TG: you mean..

AG: Yes, Prison!

TG: you're just messing with me right? lol. this is another prank.

AG: Nope!

TG: i don't really feel like joking right now to be honest.

AG: I'm not Fucking Joking, Harry!!!!!!! It was a D8ngerous situation, why would I even Lie a8out something like That????

TG: because you lie all the time??

TG: fine, i'll humor you.

TG: are you still with vriska?

AG: Nah, not right now. She is doing Her Thing while I am doing Mine.

TG: so you were left alone with her ONCE and she already got the both of you arrested.

TG: that's good to know.

TG: could have given me a heads up.

AG: Give you a Heads Up that I was going to get thrown in Jail? Wow, just say you're inept at Identifying a little thing called "Unforseen Circumstances". I can't tell the Future, dingus.

TG: no, i meant about leaving with vriska.

AG: I would have 8ut I had no Signal! They pro8a8ly Jammed it or some Shit.

AG: It only Connected once I made it out!

TG: man, i don't get it.

TG: she already managed to put targets on our heads in less than 24 hours of chasing her trail of bullshit.

TG: why would you even keep following her.

AG: 8ecause I wanted to. And she was making a lot of Sense at the Time!

Ag: Ugh, stop typing wh8tever you're a8out to Type.

AG: It's fine!!!! I don't Wanna Hear it!

AG: The Point is, I used my Powers for something actually really Useful! And not just to Torment Tavvy, which I intend to keep doing

AG: ...8ut 8-fold. ::::)

AG: God, I can't W8 to try this shit on Everything!!!!!!!!

TG: oh.

TG: like your mind thingy?

TG: i'm not really following...

TG: can you just explain what the hell you were doing all this time??

AG: May8e you'd Find Out if you would let me Finish!!!

AG: 8asically, Vriska thought it would 8e a Gr8 idea to take us on some kind of Half-8aked Mission to get Captured 8y Jane's goons to... uh... I'm not even sure myself 8ut wh8tever she did, she knew what she was doing? I guess????????

AG: Anyway, we got Am8ushed and thrown in Prison.

TG: jesus christ.

AG: It wasn't a 8ig deal. I pl8yed the hand I was given, and I'm Fine. I wanted to prove to her that I can handle these things Myself.

AG: And I Did.

AG: She Pressed me to try out my Mind Manipul8tion, and it turns out that was all I Needed!

AG: I managed to Puppet this Dum8 Guard to open the Cell after some concentr8ting. Took less than a Minute. Easy.

AG: After that, she wanted me to Follow her 8ut I stopped Caring a8out wh8tever corny Spy Mission she was doing in there so I just Left.

AG: I was getting kind of Sick of her Grilling me the whole time anyway.

TG: yeah, i mean, she kind of fucking sucks to be around if you haven't noticed?

TG: i know she's like this super cool and badass legend to you but i think this is one of those never meet your heroes type situations.

TG: her vibes are rancid.

AG: Oh relax Harry, she wasn't That 8ad.

TG: i'm pretty sure she'd sleep like a rock at night if anything really terrible happened to you.

TG: she doesn't care, dude.

TG: about us.

TG: or anyone.

TG: or material possessions, for that matter.

TG: she trashed up my room and stomped her gross red shoes all over my awesome costumes!

TG: i put my heart and soul into those, man...

TG: AND she put you in danger.

AG: Who cares a8out Your costumes!! She helped me have a Psionic 8r8kthrough!!!!!!!! That's a good enough Reason for me to Trust that she knows her Shit.

AG: Don't forget that she's a Literal fucking God.

TG: well, she's not mine.

AG: There's no Denying that if there's one thing she's Effortless at, it's getting shit done. So even if Shit gets Real, I'm going to try to get a Cut of her Luck any Chance I get.

AG: I'm just taking a 8it of a 8r8k.

TG: i don't think tossing you head first into jane's ambush as an endurance test qualifies as "luck", but what the hell do i know.

TG: at least the psychic stuff is pretty cool, ig.

AG: Psionic.

TG: whatever.

TG: not to piss on your victory parade, but i think you should hurry up and come meet me, i'm basically a sitting duck.

AG: Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.

-- adamantGriftress [AG] ceased pestering thespiansGlamor [TG] --

> (Harry: Reunite with Vrissy.)