-- thespiansGlamor [TG] began pestering adamantGriftress [AG] --

TG: hey vrissy.

TG: i just left my moms house.

TG: i don't know where you went off to but i'm at the park now.

TG: shit is kinda crazy out here though, so come meet me soon.

TG: mainly cause i'd rather not have to sit around my parents sob session again lmao.

TG: i've had my fill of awkward heart to hearts with adults so it'd be really nice if i could see you right now.

TG: vrissy?

TG: give me an update once you're back.

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] is now an idle chum! --

TG: it's been a while.

TG: you ok?

TG: send me an emoji or something so i know you're alive haha.

TG: or that sticker you like.

TG: the one we used to spam at tavvy all the time to get him to stop talking in the gc lmao.

TG: fuck. none of my messages are sending.

TG: once you get these, i'll be at the park.

TG: you know the one heh ;)

> (Harry: Contact Tavvy.)