KANAYA: If You Make One Single Move I Will Bite Him Directly On The Exterior Shout Tunnel

KANAYA: I Will Turn Your Son Into A Rainbow Drinker

KANAYA: Then You Will Have A Rainbow Drinker Son

JANE: That's not how troll vampirism works, don't treat me like an imbecile!

JANE: You think I don't know everything there is to know about your disgusting biology?


KANAYA: Okay Then I Will Just Break His Fucking Neck

JADE: right

JADE: listen to kanaya shes having a bad day!

KANAYA: Im Having A Bad Week

ROSE: I know you have never trusted Kanaya with any of the children in the past.

ROSE: Let that distrust be the instrument of your undoing.

ROSE: If any harm comes to us, or Yiffy, or if you attempt to shoot us down or in any other way disable our escape--

ROSE: Then you kill your son.

> (==>)