Frequently Asked Questions

> Is this actual Homestuck? Or some sort of fan work?

It is actual Homestuck. That is, an extension to the "canonical" Homestuck storyline, beginning immediately after the Homestuck Epilogues, conceived and produced by Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin. But it is also a fan work! It was designed to include the writing and art contributions from fans of the series. Many writers will be involved, and collectively they will be allowed significant latitude in shaping the direction of the story and the way it's told. "Beyond Canon" is what it sounds like - it's a legitimate continuation of the series, and simultaneously a departure from conventional ideas when it comes to what we think of as canon, or any authoritative expansion on a work of fiction. It will continue with themes established in the epilogues involving the blurring of lines between what is considered authoritative about media, and the elaboration on said media by groups of empowered fans. An "official fanonization" of the ongoing epic, if you will.

> What audience is Homestuck^2 appropriate for? What content notes should I keep in mind before reading?

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is a work best enjoyed by mature readers, and includes sensitive subjects. Like Homestuck and The Homestuck Epilogues before it, it will engage with serious subjects with an occasionally flippant and comedic tone.

These subjects will include abusive situations and relationships, maladaptive behaviors, substance abuse, sexual situations, mental and physical illnesses, violence, blood, political repression, xenophobia, discussion of bodily functions, and many others.

The Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon team is diverse in background and perspective, and write and create art about difficult subjects with a synthesis of their personal experiences. The team's primary objective is to create an environment where collective support is afforded for these highly personal expressions of artistic intent.

Readers with traumatic triggers are encouraged to discuss the material in Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon with a trusted friend before engaging with it.

> How is this being made? How much does Andrew Hussie have to do with it?

Hussie wrote the full outline for the story. But it's not meant to be a very strict outline. He specified that the outline should be fluid, subject to ongoing influence by fans, both those working on the story directly, and desires of fandom as a whole as it develops. The structure and most of the core ideas were supplied by Hussie, but very little is set in stone. We just have to wait and see where the creative team takes it.

> Do I need to have read Homestuck and the epilogues to understand it?

Having read Homestuck already is definitely important. Reading every word of the epilogues is less important, but it will be very important to at least know what happened in the epilogues. If you haven't read them yet, you can catch up quickly with the SparkNotes edition.

> Who is creatively involved with this project?

This story was originally created by Andrew Hussie and will be told by him and a new team. The writing team, initially led by Kate Mitchell (formerly at popular sci-fi horror archive The SCP Foundation), consists of Homestuck Epilogues contributors and Hiveswap Friendsim writers Aysha U. Farah and Lalo Hunt and noted fandom talents Pip Dillistone and optimisticDuelist. Xamag, contributor of visuals to some of Homestuck's most iconic moments, will lead the art team.

> Are people being paid to do this?

Yes, but this effort is only possible through crowdfunding via Patreon. The Patreon supports What Pumpkin and all authors and artists on this project. Additional funding beyond what's required to create the project will support new projects from What Pumpkin, and a portion of the proceeds will be directly shared with the creative contributors to this comic. Patrons above a certain level will receive monthly BONUS UPDATES beginning in November.

> How often does it update?

There will initially be one update and one bonus update per calendar month. Check our Patreon page for goals to increase the update frequency!

> Is this canon?

There is no straightforward answer to this, since the notion of what should be considered canon in a work of fiction is what is being examined, ever since the epilogues brought the topic into the foreground as one of its core themes. By presenting that work as fanfiction, including other authors, and then going even further in that direction with this storyline, the narrative is being explicitly decentralized. It's being pulled further away from direct control by the original author, and allowed to expand into spaces governed by fandom desire - a fanontinuum, you might say. Where the original seven acts of Homestuck were a narrative contained within paradox space, a realm of strict authorial oversight by a single creator, Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon sprawls through this fanontinuum, a realm adhering less to the unilateral vision of one person, and instead thriving on a wide range of input from fans. And yet, the work is still official, since it is being produced by Hussie and What Pumpkin, and therefore is naturally amplified above other fan works. Whether this means the content should qualify as canon to the same extent as preceding material is something for you to reflect on as you read it.

> I just can't get enough Homestuck. I want to shove more and more of it into my slavering maw. Please help me.

That's not a question. But okay.

If you enjoy the heroes of Homestuck and want to meddle in their lives as a charming self-insert, try Pesterquest. If you want a beautifully-illustrated homage to the adventure games of yore, check out Hiveswap. If your problem with Homestuck is that there's not enough characters, meet dozens more in Friendsim.

> I love corporations with my entire heart. Which ones do I have to thank and/or blame for this production?

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is a What Pumpkin/Snake Solutions joint.

What Pumpkin is an independent studio founded by Andrew Hussie, author and artist behind cult classic webcomic Homestuck. It brings together a diverse team with a passion for telling new stories in Homestuck and Hiveswap's vast universes and a love for the worldwide community and culture that surrounds their work.

Snake Solutions Studio LLP is a collaborative partnership between creators of independent media founded by Aysha U. Farah and Kate Mitchell, specializing in working equitably with artists.

> Why isn't sound playing for me on iOS?

Turn your Ring/Silent switch on. Per the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines, HTML5 audio is treated as game audio and is sent through the ringer audio channel instead of the media audio channel.